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Insite Server helps business users to quickly and precisely search, submit, manage and classify documentation of all types. Available capabilities include enterprise search, user alerts, end to end document management, conversion, publishing, collaboration, automatic categorisation, advanced metadata and taxonomies management. 

The automatic classification engine intelligently associates meaningful categories (topics) or keywords with documents. Information residing in disparate locations and systems is indexed and becomes instantly accessible via a unified search interface, portal or Yahoo!-style Directory that shows title, summary, ranking and a link to each document. Real-time alerts inform users when information changes or patterns occur. Intelligent automatic tagging and classification of documents improves accuracy and speed of content retrieval for users. Collaborative features such as workflow (BPM), articles rating, discussion threads, user subscriptions, notifications, and the ability to contact content authors, promote knowledge sharing.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • Enterprise Search: index websites, databases, email, file servers, news feeds
  • Centralised access/retrieval point for all business information
  • User alerts
  • Real time change detection and reporting: opportunities, threats and market changes
  • Powerful search-and-retrieval tools: metadata and full text searches
  • Automatic categorisation: Yahoo!-style directory of information
  • Automatic tagging
  • Taxonomies management
  • Full metadata capture and handling
  • Regulatory and accessibility standards compliance
  • Enables non-technical users to take over content posting and classification
  • Matching of content owners with documents
  • Document discussion threads
  • Document/article rating and hits
  • Reminders and expiration: notifications
  • User subscriptions to changes
  • Easy and quick importing of articles
  • Version and history control
  • Document conversion: Word and Excel to PDF, HTML and more
  • Integrated with MS Outlook, Word, Excel and other authoring tools
  • Article linkage/cross-referencing and attachments
  • Indexes other file servers or websites
  • Security: granular user access rights to data
  • Support for documentation of all types
  • Increases team efficiency and productivity
  • Open standards: XML-centric
  • Open architecture: easily integrates with existing business applications, search engines and third-party tools

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